What the physicians are saying...

I have been practicing as a family physician for over 30 years. My professional interest is in arthritis, pain relief and the use of alternitive treatments.
I prescribed the use of Goutrol on a 53 year old Caucasian male. He had suffered severe gout for over 8 years. It severely affected his hands and feet and limited his mobility. As a result of his chronic gout he was forced to terminate his employment as a motor mechanic 6 years ago. I introduced him to Goutrol while he was taking 25-50 mg of Prednisolone per day and 6 Panadeneine Forte tablets daily for pain relief. He was limited in his mobility and his sleep pattern was poor.
On the second day after commencing Goutrol the patient noticed a marked reduction in his pain levels. Within 2 weeks of continuing use of Goutrol he was able to reduce his Prednisolone to 5 mg and cease all analgesics.
A repeat uric acid level showed a reduction from 0.59mmol/L (prior to Goutrol) to 0.27 after using Goutrol. Normal range is 0.18 - 0.44 mmol/L. Prior to Goutrol, the patient had not been able to reduce his uric acid level to within normal range.

- Dr. Bernard Kessell

I am very impressed with the safety and performance of Hamida's products. Let me tell you a couple of patients I had and their results. A man came with arthritis and complained of much pain and stiffness in his knees. I suggested your Arthritol, the next day he called me and said he crawled under his truck that he had not been able to do for a year.
I have 3 patients with fibromyalgia. All have had it: or a number of years. All three took Fibromya and were so pleased. They stated that it worked very fast and they had less pain and many of the other symptoms had been relieved, within two to three days.
Thank you for introducing these products to me. I am so pleased with the results my patients and I are receiving. Keep up the good work. I really believe that more people need to know about these products.

- Dr. Sharon Wright

I found that the Hypertenol tablets brought the systolic and diastolic pressures down to an acceptable level within 30 minutes of the first dose. Then, repeating the dose no close than 6 hours maintained a very favorable reading. Some 3 months on, my Hypertenol patients are maintaining excellent blood pressure readings.
We had some very difficult patients. The Systolic pressure on one patient would not stabilize, but after a few months on Hypertenol, setth d down to a high normal.
I can tell you the three doctors that I worked with were very pleased. We also found that supplementing with essential minerals further helped to lower the blood pressure by up to 10 points.
Hamida Pharma's Hypertenol appears to be a real winner-particularly that it appears to work so effectively, where regular prescribed drug medications have not worked. Impressively, there have been no reports of side eff sets from my patients.

- Thomas R. Prendergast R.Ph. MS, CNC

We also have 8 patients on Hamida Pharma's Goutrol. I happen to be one of these. My uric acid was also very high. If I ate one shrimp, I would experience a swelling in my left leg that would require draining the knee of one to two ounces of fluid for relief. In addition, it would not reduce with colchicines for 7 days.
To really test your Goutrol about a month ago. I enjoyed a meal with a large shrimp salad and a lobster tail stuffed with crab meat and red wine. With Goutrol I suffered no adverse reaction whatsoever. I had a blood test within a week on either side of that meal and my uric acid level remained low. It is great to think that one can lead a more normal lifestyle without the fear of a gout attack. My doctor is now recommending Goutrol to his gout patients.
I had a talk with a group of 22 doctors last Saturday and I showed them my lab results while on Goutrol. My doctor also spoke of the excellent results. The other 7 patients of mine have stated that they also have had great results with Goutrol and they hope I am never out of this product.

- Thomas R. Prendergast RJPh. MS,CNC

My father experienced very severe urinal infections for many years and he had many types of treatments, but unfortunately without positive results. I had the opportunity to buy Prostatol and Urinol and took them back to my home country for my father. After two weeks of treatment, positive results appeared and my father's health improved significantly without any side effects.

- Dr. Noureddine Zemmouri

What our customers are saying

Almedica-Poland: "We are noticing very strong interest in Myalgan (Fibromya) even though it is low pharmacy season due to the Holiday period. We are receiving big numbers of phone calls also from abroad like j from Germany, Norway, Canada, and United States." July 19, 2004

"I got to the office this morning and I received call after call from people asking for Myalgan, this is amazing....I can't do anything else....I'm only answering the people's phone calls....so I think it is great news for us...both Almedica and Hamida. You would not believe how many phone calls I have the whole day....asking only for Myalgan. Since Monday, we have already sold 1000 blisters of Myalgan." July 02, 2004

"First news, I have sold 1200 blisters today and I have to say I have only last 1000 blisters left so definitely there will be a lack of Myalgan for about week or even longer. However all our wholesalers have started distribution in Poland. A large number of customers are seeking, looking for Myalgan in each pharmacy. They call the office and say that they might come here but they just want to buy it now, not tomorrow but now!" July 08,2004

"We have still a nice demand for Myalgan. I think that this is because first of all that this product meets a unique niche needed by relatively many people. We are receiving very many phone calls not only related to the product but also related to the problem. Some people are so desperate in their suffering and illness that buy 3-5 packages at once." July 27,2004

"We have sold 50% of the last delivery within 9 days, which is amazing taking into consideration summer holiday period. It also indicates that we will run out of the product very soon. Please make sure that we will get next delivery of 20 thousands units with no delay." August 3,2004

What the consumers are saying...

L.P. has been suffering for 25 years and aft ;r only 7 days most of the pain disappeared.
After trying this new product, the pain disappeared. It is amazing, I have been suffering so much pain for so many years and suddenly most of my problems disappeared just like that! I was introduced to Fibromya through friends who claimed a new natural product for Fibromyalgia had been launched. After using this product for only 3 days, I noticed big changes. The twinge in my body diminished, the pain became weaker and last but not least, I slept through the whole night. Sleepless nights are one of the most common problems for people suffering from Fibromyalgia.

- L.P.

I have had High Blood Pressure since I was in my twenties and I have never really had control over my condition until lately. I am now 49 years old and about two and a half years ago my doctor said my blood pressure is getting out of control (it was then running about 165 over 110). Then my brother gave me a product called Hypertenol that he had received from Heba Hamida and told me to try it. After speaking to Dr. Heba on the phone one evening, I decided to go off my other medication slowly and added the Hypertenol in its place, following Dr. Heba's instructions. I started taking two pills daily and I could not believe the wonderful difference I got immediately. My blood pressure has been down to 108 over 68 and now stays right around I quit losing my hair, I have energy that I have not had for years, and I feel great.

-Sharon Thompson

After suffering from joint pains, he got a new life! "I have tried out innumerable different remedies throughout the years but none of them improved my condition until I tried Arthritol." He tells us. Mr. Rikhehn has been 100% disabled since 1991, suffering from little or no mobility and joint pains. One day he decided to visit a Health Care shop for advice and he was recommended to take Arthritol. From that day on his condition improved.
"I bought one package and took 2 capsules before bedtime for seven days in a row. After that 1 capsule a day" he tells us. After only five days, he noticed a huge difference in his condition. His night's sleep was improved, because the pain was not keeping him awake anymore. "For the first time in many years I was able to sleep through the whole night and because of that gained more energy to get through the day."

-Jens Rikheim

GreenPower-The Netherlands: "We call it FIBROMYA. It is #1 or #2 of the most profitable products of the new catalog running now for 2 days. It TRULY is a one of a kind product. When you launch The Flush, I have a feeling it will become the #1 selling product in your catalog. So many people need it! We will consider this product for end of 2004 or 2005." June 04,2004

Geoffrey Fiala-Onepointbioscience.com: "We have been selling both Best Man and Honeymoon under private label on our website for some time now, and we have seen very few returns, many positive reactions and reorders, and no complaints of side effects whatsoever. Both products have lived up to the expectations set by Hamida, and we are 100% satisfied with the level of service by the Hamida staff in meeting our requests for information, product reorders and samples of new products. We are happy with both the product and the company!" June 14,2004

Profiled Pharma-Norway: "At the recent Natural Products Expo in London, Dr. Gillian McKeith's Wild Pink product (Honeymoon) was nominated as one of three Best New Product introductions at the show. I also wanted to mention that an article was recently written about Honeymoon by four women who are writers for KK Magazine http://allerkonsern.netpower.no/microsite/default.asp?intCompanvId=13. KK Magazine is one of the most popular women's magazines in Northern Europe. These 4 female writers were given some Honeymoon and they wrote about their experience with the product after using Honeymoon for a certain period of time. EVERY woman wrote that they had a very positive experience with the product, so we cannot keep the product on the shelves now." April 8, 2004

Kinetics- Philippines: "Our sales are getting better and better from Chinese group in China town here and after sponsoring more doctors by Allan and TV show." July 23, 2004

"We are fine but keep on staying busy. The sales increase 20%-30%, We have many good testimonies now." August 19, 2004

Finally a solution for the "hidden suffering" "-Urinary incontinence is no disease, but we who suffer from it, find it quite restraining and problematic," Guri Wearnes claims. She has gotten a new life by using the natural made product Inkontinol (Urinol). "My problem disappeared completely over night!" 30% of all women suffer from the Urinary Incontinence. "- Imagine visiting the ladies room before you leave work and by the time you come home 30 minutes later you have to go again! I am an active woman; I like to go to theaters and movies. I am always on the run and everywhere I go the first thing I have to make sure is where to find the rest rooms, "Guri Waernes says. "I know it probably sounds silly, but to us this is a big problem. However all my symptoms disappeared after trying out the natural made product Inkontinol (Urinol). After using the product for only one day, 1 started noticing changes in my condition. Now I am completely dependent on Inkontino! (Urinol) and donot dare stop taking them."

-Guri Waerness

I wanted to let you know what a dramatic change your Honeymoon and Bestman has made in my life for the past few weeks. The first day I got my order I could not wait to try the Honeymoon and Bestman. I took one Honeymoon the same day it came. My boyfriend and I made love early the next morning and I was amazed at how quickly that one capsule made... That morning I could not wait to try the Bestman on my boyfriend and myself. It was very calming and stimulating at the same time. I could feel the changes in my body the last few weeks that are physically and mentally noticeable. I feel so self confident and even feel younger. My years of KEGALS seem so wasted since taking just one honeymoon.


I cannot even begin to tell you how much Fibromya has helped my family. I have been in a few car accidents one that has created constant muscle tension in my neck and upper back. There is rarely a day where I do not feel some type pain or muscle tension. Well, since I discovered Fibromya I now start each day out by taking one and within minutes the muscle tension, stiffness and pain is gone. I also like the way it makes me feel; it gives me just an overall better feeling... It is an incredible product!
I also give it to my 12 year old daughter who carries an unusual amount of tension for such a young one. It does wonders for her too. It gets rid of the pain she feels in her upper back and shoulders and allows her to do other important things that she needs to do such as concentrate on homework. I have also given it to her before her swim meets. It takes away the tension and allows her more flexibility. She can swim her races without taking it first, it helps so much and I feel so safe giving it to her because of the natural ingredients.

- Annette Salazar

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