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Cactus Juice
The extract can help protect us from disruptions to cells and help us recover faster from many types of stress, including alcohol toxicity. For in the case of alcohol over-consumption, as in other types of physical stress, the extract works in response to toxic stress by accelerating the synthesis of the important “Heat Shock Proteins-(HSP’s)”. In doing this, the extract hinders the harmful effects of over-consumption that can feel so devastating the next morning. APPLICATIONS: CACTUS JUICE has been effectively used for the following purposes: It reduces inflammatory processes affecting different organs and parts of the body. Reduces arthritis, prostatitis and hepatitis, thereby reducing the pain as well. It is a potent and effective anti-oxidant, immune system booster and a stress-relieving product. It protects the blood vessels and the endothelium from oxidation by ICAM-1 inhibition. It lowers the blood pressure, reducing the brittleness of capillaries. It lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It is beneficial to diabetics and those with metabolic syndrome as it induces a hypoglycemic effect thereby lowering blood sugar. It is believed to be effective for hangover from over-indulgence in alcohol. It protects the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract, thereby helping to relieve digestive problems. Eliminates intestinal mucus and wastes on the intestinal lining and regulates the bowel movements. It has a number of unique properties that help destroy viruses, bacteria and parasites. It reduces fat absorption and fat binding; hence it is good for weight reduction. That is why it is helpful in the management of obesity. It promotes youthful feeling; builds resistance to diseases; and provides the body with energy and vitality. It promotes endurance, strength, stamina, mental clarity and higher mental efficiency in the athletes. It is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals for human nutrition. It helps persons in increased risk of vitamin C deficiencies.


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