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Hepacol Hepatitis (Liver Function) Hepatitis is a disorder in which viruses (Types vary from A to G) or other mechanisms produce inflammation in liver cells, resulting in their injury or destruction. In most cases, this inflammatory process is triggered when the immune system fights off infections caused by viruses. It can also be caused, however, by an overactive immune system that attacks its own liver cells. Inflammation of the liver can also occur from medical problems, drugs, alcoholism, chemicals, and environmental toxins. Hepatitis varies in severity from a self-limited condition with total recovery to a life-threatening or life-long disease. The most common Hepatitis viruses are B and C: Worldwide,about 350 million people carry hepatitisB. In the US, there are about 320,000 new casesevery year, with up to 160,000 experiencing symptoms. Hepatitis C infects about 170 million people worldwide. There are about 30,000 new infections every year in the US. An estimated four million Americans are chronically infected. Description: Hepacol™ contains Ginger B.E.E.®, Pomegranate B.E.E.®, Mineral Complex B.E.E.® and other ingredients of Natural Origin. Ginger B.E.E.® improves appetite, digestion and rejuvenate liver function. Pomegranate B.E.E.® as an anti-Oxidant helps liver detoxify.Mineral Complex B.E.E.® improves amino acid metabolism and promotes the regeneration of liver cells. Suggested Use: Take 2 vegicaps, twice daily. Best in the mornings and early afternoons. Best when taken with Immunol™ (Hamida Pharma's Product). Safety: A safety report (toxicity, microbiology and heavy metals) from our laboratory is available upon your written request. A complete package of testimonials and physicians' reports is available upon your written request. Side Effects No side effects has been reported by doctors and users of Hepacol. Supplement Facts Serving size: 1Vegicap Amount per Serving % Daily Value Ginger B.E.E. ® * Pomegranate B.E.E. ® * Mineral Complex B.E.E. ® * B.E.E. ® ~ BioEnhanced Extraction (Patent Pending) * Daily Value not established 1-800-633-HERBS


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