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Clinicalherbal.com is the online store of action merchandising corp. based in new york, usa. Action merchandising corp. is a company owned and operated by american certified pharmacists.

The mission of action is to educate and promote integrative therapies to common diseases. As pharmacists, we have realized that mainstream allopathic medicine cannot cure the cause of many diseases but addresses the symptoms. In our clinical experience we have seen the wonders of alternative medicine which produces remarkable results. We do not ignore the benefits of allopathic medicine but recognize the need to find the benefits of both therapies and integrate them to produce rapid clinical results by addressing the root causes.

We have searched the world for clinically proven therapies and showcase them on our website. We would not put products on our site which we were not confident about in our clinical experience as pharmacists. Feel free to email any questions to sales@clinicalherbal.com about any of our products and we will be glad to provide you any clinical information you require in choosing a product.

Once again, cure the cause of your disease through integrative medicine, not just the symptoms.

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