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Clinical Herbal is a fast growing innovative biotechnology company committed to improving healthcare and healthy living while reducing the cost whenever possible by emphasizing research and development, quality control, and quality assurance.
No other company in the world has been able to duplicate the result that Clinical Herbal has achieved with its patent pending Bio-Enhanced Extraction (B.E.E) process. Twelve years of extensive research and development went in to developing (B.E.E) before the first products were manufactured in 1999.
Clinical Herbal
has earned consumer trust and confidence through its unique corporate policy and mission combined with safe, highly effective, and targeted action new generation phytomedicines with no adverse side effects.
Clinical Herbal's
products, manufactured according to cGMP guidelines and following state of the art and proprietary extraction technology (B.E.E.®)*, are marketed in the United States as well as internationally.

* Bio-Enhanced Extraction

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